Ewha Institute for Leadership Development


Established in September 2003, the Ewha Institute for Leadership Development at Ewha Womans University is South Korea’s first educational institute for fostering core female leadership by providing focused education on female leadership development.


The objective of the Ewha Institute for Leadership Development (EILD) is the individual and collective empowerment of current and prospective women leaders in business, politics, government, and professional and civic organizations. By broadening vision, honing leadership competency, and strengthening networks, women leaders can become empowered to make a difference in their communities and in society in general.


EILD recognizes that women’s leadership and feminist values have a positive impact on our male and our female contemporaries. Effective leaders must be equally firm and gentle, principled and flexible, participatory and initiatory, stable and progressive, resolute and caring.


As a unique institution of Ewha Womans University, EILD will further make its contribution to society by sharing the universities’ 135-year academic heritage with women from emerging generations.


Vision and Mission


Women are valuable resources for leading
the global era


EILD focuses on female potential.

Women will serve as leaders and agents for changes in future society.


Academically systemized and specialized education for female leadership

EILD seeks the specialization of education and research for fostering female leaders.

Since the social structure of women’s roles and status in society are differentiated, we strive to meet their unique educational needs.


To foster a million female leaders to
change and lead Korea

EILD will fundamentally contribute to society by influencing the culture through training large numbers of women equipped to change Korea through their leadership.


Our Programs

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Ewha-L uce  International Seminar (ELIS)

Expanding Horizons


ELIS is an intensive leadership program that draws together highly talented female graduate students from the US and Asia working in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics(STEM). Carefully prepared by Ewha Womans University and Henry Luce Foundation as part of their efforts to cultivate the next generation of global women leaders in STEM, the program has been held annually in South Korea since 2015. 

Women’s Leadership in Asia (WoLA)

Transforming for the Next Normal 

Women’s Leadership in Asia (WoLA) is an online leadership course for emerging women leaders from higher education institutions in Asia. Initiated and developed by Ewha Institute for Leadership Development, Scranton Women’s Leadership Center, the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia, and Wesley Foundation, this course is designed to develop leadership potentials for women leaders in Asia, advance their academic careers, and empower them to flourish in the post-pandemic era by upholding adaptability and expanding global vision. 


EILD Global Leadership Team


CHOI Gyoungsil


Ewha Institute for Leadership Development

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SHIN Gayoung

Program Consultant


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SEONG Yerang

Senior Program Consultant

Professor for special appointment

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CHUN Mikyung

Program Consultant


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LEE Jeong

Program Consultant

EILD Global Leadership Team

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