What is Special about ELIS?

The Only Seminar in the World Dedicated to Empowering Women Postgraduate Students in STEM.

ELIS is a unique seminar specially crafted for women graduate students in STEM from across the globe. It provides focused training in practical leadership skills that women in STEM may otherwise lack, such as network development and effective presentation techniques. ELIS aims to motivate women in STEM to become leaders by exploring issues of gender discrimination that manifest as a bias against women in STEM and by inspiring them to overcome a range of challenges.

An Active Initiative to Foster Women Leaders in STEM

ELIS is an active attempt to patch what has been called the leaky pipeline* to leadership in science and technology fields dominated by men. This unique seminar empowers women graduate students as part of its mission to create change and foster female leaders in the STEM fields.
*The leaky pipeline is a metaphor for the disappearance of women over some career tracks.

Gaining Life-long Support and International Partners

ELIS is not simply a seminar, but an active process of creating allies and building a strong network among all the participants: future women leaders in science, keynote speakers, lecturers, instructors, ELIS staff and others who share a vision for women leadership in science and technology. 
Spending this intensive time with other promising women greatly empowers young female scientists who face a range of barriers in male-dominated STEM communities. ELIS Participants build supportive friendships and win life-long academic partners who share a common understanding of the disadvantages faced by women in their field.

Nurturing Leaders with Multicultural Perspectives for a Rapidly-changing World

Participants are exposed to a number of challenges while learning to appreciate different cultures by taking part in the seminar in Korea with participants from different nations and backgrounds. Adjusting to and addressing the challenges that arise from different cultural backgrounds help our women leaders develop the global perspective and cultural understanding that form a vital component of leadership today.

Reciprocal Learning through Proactive Participation

ELIS enhances the educational process by increasing proactive participation among learners through expanded activities, discussions and workshops in every academic and non-academic programs. Such reciprocal learning not only helps participants understand the related lessons better, but also acquire practical leadership skills through hands-on experience.


Programs for ELIS





Ewha & Luce

Ewha Womans University

Founded in 1886, Ewha Womans University has supported women in the STEM disciplines throughout its history. Ewha, an institution which started with a single student more than 130 years ago, has grown to be the world’s largest and most comprehensive university for women today. At the forefront of attaining gender equality, Ewha is dedicated to support the international community of women in the STEM fields with the efforts for ELIS. 

Henry Luce Foundation

Established in 1936 by Henry R. Luce, the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Time. Inc, the Henry Luce Foundation builds upon the vision to broaden knowledge and encourage the highest standards of leadership. The foundation has devoted in fostering young STEM women with the Clare Boothe Luce Program (CBL) grant, the single and most significant source of private support for women in STEM fields, since 1989. As part of the 75th anniversary Initiative, the foundation awarded Ewha with a grant to cultivate the next generation of global women leaders in STEM.


Committees & Staff

Program and Operations Committee

LEE Myung-Sun


Ewha Institute for Leadership Development

Professor, Health Convergence,

Ewha Womans University

KIM Ae-Ryung

Associate Professor

Ewha institute for the Humanities

HOKMA College of general education

Ewha Womans University

YEO Woon Seung


 Ewha Art and Science Institute

Associate Professor, Convergence contents

Ewha Womans University

CHO Sung-Nam




Ewha Womans University

Eunice K. KIM


Institute for Gender and Law

Professor, Law

Ewha Womans University

LEE Kong-Ju-Bock

Professor, Physics

Ewha Womans University

WISET (Korea Center for Women in Science, Engineering, and Technology)

LEE Yoonhie



Professor, Architecture

Ewha Womans University

Advisory Committee


Professor Emeritus, Biochemistry



SEONG Yerang

Senior Program Consultant

Professor for special appointment

CHUN Mikyung

Program Consultant


KIM Ho Jung

Program Consultant

KIM Hee Won

Program Consultant