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Announcement of
Successful Applicants of 2022 ELIS

[NOTICE] Announcement of Successful Applicants of 2022 ELIS: Expanding Horizons


Thanks to your interest and support for 2022 ELIS: Expanding Horizons, we received a great number of applications and have gone through full consideration of them.


After carefully reviewing all the applications, we finalized the list of successful applicants for the seminar and sent out a notice of acceptance via individual email.

For those who have not received our email, please contact us



Again, thank you for your keen interest in our program and we hope to see you again.

How to Apply for ELIS 2022

Online Application Guidelines

*Before you apply, make sure that you fulfill the eligibility requirements

1. Download an application pack(Curriculum Vitae, Statement of Purpose, Letter of Recommendation) and complete all three documents. Letter of Recommendation must be sent by the recommender themselves.

2. Prepare a picture of yourself to submit. For non-native English speakers, we also ask for Self-Introduction Video(in English)

3. Access the following link while logged on your Google account:

4. Submit your application form before the deadline(May 10, 2022). Application documents via email will not be accepted.

Application Pack

1. Curriculum Vitae(CV)                     





2. Statement of Purpose(SoP)




3. Letter of Recommendation(LoR)

Self-Recorded Interview Video
(Non-native English speakers Only)

Please upload 3-4 minutes self-recorded interview video in English via

The video should include: 


1. Self-introduction (name, nationality, institution, major, degree)  

2. Your thoughts on LEADERSHIP, give examples of your role model 

3. Values that you have pursued and kept in your life 

4. What you aim to achieve through ELIS


- Women only  

- Currently pursuing their graduate programs (Masters or Ph.D. degree), or admitted to a graduate program in STEM disciplines from the US, Asia, and Australia 

- Proficiency in the English language to present one’s research area and communicate with other participants 

- For U.S Candidates:   

  • Current Clare Boothe Luce Graduate Fellows;  

  • Former CBL Graduate Fellows who are still enrolled students;  

  • Former Masters level CBL Graduate Fellows (if any) who are in Ph.D.  programs at other institutions, or  

  • Current women graduate students nominated by current or former Clare Boothe Luce Professors (affiliated in the same institution with the nominated students).  

  • Available to participate in the entire program. In the case of an in-person seminar, students are free to plan other trips in Asia before or after the program (at their own expense), but not during the program. 

  • Candidates must be in a CBL program-supported STEM field. In the case of an in-person seminar, this excludes medical science, health science, etc. If a candidate is in an interdisciplinary field that may fall into a CBL “grey area,” contact the CBL Program director regarding their eligibility. 

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