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ELIS 2015 Opening Ceremony Speech

최종 수정일: 2019년 6월 7일

Even now, women scientists tend to be marginalized within the STEM fields, and such exclusion comes at a cost, limiting the very bounds of imagination that the STEM field is supposed to be expanding. Therefore, greater emphasis for women’s perspective and experience is necessary for further development of the STEM field. Ewha Womans University is at the heart of this endeavor, being largest female educational institute in the world, and possessing one of the most renowned STEM faculties in South Korea. Sun-Uk Kim, as the first female Minister of the Ministry of Government Legislation, and an internationally renowned expert in the field of Women’s Law and Education Administration, and the 14th president of Ewha Womans University, is the one of the most distinguished alumni of Ewha Womans University. In her talk, ‘History of Ewha and Fostering Women Leaders’, Sun-Uk Kim showcased various projects undertaken by Ewha Womans University to foster women leadership in partnership with the Henry Luce foundation, such as ELIS 2015, and EWHA-KOIKA.

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