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Women's Leadership Forum (WLF)


The first Women's Leadership Forum (hereinafter “WLF”) was successfully held in Nanjing, China in April 2019. It is considered to have promoted the formation of a network of female presidents from Asian universities, thus providing a venue for discussions on current issues and success stories.

Furthering its significance on the agenda of developing women’s leadership and talent, the second WLF 2020: Women Leading Through Changes has been successfully concluded on October 23rd ~ 24th virtually via Zoom meeting. By inviting the heads of institutions from women’s universities, as well as co-ed institutions with women presidents in Asia and the U.S., this year’s two-day Forum ushered us into the journey to explore the impacts of COVID-19 on higher education and women’s leadership to respond to socio-economic changes in today’s pandemic era.

The Forum set forth diverse interactive communication ground through online café, action plan, and small group networking amid the limitation of online environment. Beyond sharing ideas, the Forum has also contributed to discussions on practical and specific measures for action. With the female leaders who represent their institutions, the Forum has built a wide network to share their ideas and realities for the better future.

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